Richard Guarino

Richard T. Guarino began his New York City Real Estate Career in 1999 at Ex-
treme Realty. He was trained to broker deals at the young age, fiercely ambitious
and incredibly personable, Richard quickly soared to success and has since com-
pleted hundreds of transactions. After just 4 years, he was promoted to Manag-
ing Partner of Extreme Realty LLC. After 14 years of making deals there, he then
moved on to join Friedman Roth Realty Services in 2013 and then promoted to
partner in 2015.

After years of active membership with the Bronx Manhattan North Association of
Realtors (BMAR) Richard was elected President in 2012. BMAR is a professional
trade association officially representing the real estate industry since 1924 and is
the local chapter for the New York State and National Association of Realtors®
He was named BMAR’s Realtor Associate of the Year in 2009, and Realtor of the
Year in 2015.

Richard is currently trading investment property in the NY Metro area with Fried-
man Roth Realty Services. To date, he has brokered over a half of a billion dol-
lars’ in sales.

For many years Richard and his wife Jennifer have been volunteers at the Father’s
Heart Ministries in Manhattan and a supporter of CMA, CHIP, and Pitbull Rescues
organizations in New York, and New Jersey.

Below are some Recent publications on transactions closed by Richard: