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Lily Ren


Lily Ren


Lily Ren has been with Friedman-Roth since 2006. As a licensed real estate agent, she has brokered some significant real estate deals. The most recent sale was The Grayson. This is a 128 unit apartment building located at 247 East 28 St, Manhattan. This property sold to a Chinese group for $99,750,000. That is the biggest sale for Friedman-Roth since 1974.

Lily is bilingual and fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. This gives her strong leverage in international markets, where she is considered to be an expert in handling foreign investment real estate transactions. She brokers properties in each of the five boroughs, specializing in commercial properties.

Coworkers and clients will tell you that Lily is a very philosophical person who views life as a journey. She believes that while life is often difficult and sometimes cruel, life is created with a design in mind. She has learned to expect the unexpected and thinks well on her feet.

Lily is married and lives with her husband and children in NYC. This has been her home since 1996, and she considers herself a true New Yorker. Her passions are her family, life, and real estate.