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Mark Singer


mark singer


Mark singer came to Friedman-Roth in 2014. In real estate parlance, he “hit the ground running” and hasn’t looked back.

 Mark’s first foray into real estate was when he managed a real estate portfolio in Irvington, New Jersey. This was his first job right out of college, and he was placed in charge of 150 units. He went on to manage an additional 350 units in Brooklyn. His experience in property management whet his appetite for real estate sales.

Today, Mark specializes in multi-family properties. His expertise reaches into all five boroughs. He also works retail and development in those same boroughs.

Coworkers gladly recommend Mark. His most notable traits, besides understanding the market, is his loyalty and work ethic.

Mark grew up in Kew Garden Hills. He went to college in Israel for three years, receiving a Bachelors Degree in Talmudic Law. Soon, he went back and got an additional Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Touro College.

He now lives in Far Rockaway with his wife Peshy and his two children: daughter Devorah and son Yaakov.

  • 1302 Newkirk Ave, Brooklyn NY $25,000,000
  • 1401 Elm Ave, Brooklyn NY $9,250,000
  • 203 17th St, Brooklyn NY $6,450,000
  • 300 Lincoln Rd, Brooklyn NY $2,375,000