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Gene DelGais has a long history with real estate, starting with his experiences with his family’s construction work. He learned real estate from the ground up, literally.

With his first sales job, Gene learned customer service. Even then, at age 16, he started developing relationships with customers who would be around for a long time.

His next job was working with a financial advisor. This is when Gene realized that his love of real estate could actually be a solid career choice. In his role with the financial advisor he was asked to evaluate several different investments for one of the clients. In doing these evaluations Gene realized what a solid investment real estate could offer. Time after time, the real estate investments proved to be the best option. In fact, he realized, even at this young age, that he wanted to be a real estate investor.

That is when he decided to combine his experience in sales with his enthusiasm for real estate investment. He came to work for Friedman-Roth Realty and has found his niche. Gene enjoys long-lasting relationships with both clients and colleagues, who enjoy his energy and wit.

Gene is currently finishing his Bachelors Degree at CUNY Baruch, studying finance. He hopes to further tap into his background in construction by developing his own properties in the NYC area.