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David Jakobowitch


david jakobowitch

David Jakobowitch has been involved in real estate since he was a child, following his father around. David’s dad owned his own real estate company, and David went on calls with his dad for years. It was during his teenage years that he realized that he loved real estate, and had a passion for the industry.

Besides a passion for his work, David also learned business savvy from his father. He observed that his dad always did business with trustworthy and hardworking people. This is a standard that David strives to uphold to this day. He seeks out hardworking people who are looking for an investment property or business location. The key is that he works as hard as they do to provide them with the best services possible. Indeed, his discretion and honesty have made an impression on his clients, many of whom seek him out for subsequent real estate transactions.

David’s attention to detail, his work ethic, and his honesty make him one of the most successful real estate agents in the Bronx and upper Manhattan. In fact, two of his most recent sales have been for over one million dollars: 1877 Webster Ave., Bronx NY for $4,650,000 and 532 East 142nd St. Bronx NY for $1,800,000. He accomplished these sales as part of his brokerage career.

In his brokerage career, he has specialized in multifamily dwellings as well as mixed-use and retail space throughout the five boroughs. These days, he focuses mostly on the Bronx and upper Manhatta but is still in tune with the market throughout the area.

He accredits his in-depth knowledge of the NY real estate market to the time he spent at Jordan Cooper & Associates, right out of college. In the position he held there, he managed over 350 units. He says he learned valuable lessons about NY real estate during that time.

David grew up going to a Jewish day school, and continued his studies in Israel at a rabbinical college. Today, he is married to Elana and has one beautiful daughter Lilly. They live in Brooklyn NY.