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Austin janssen


Austin Janssen has been with Friedman-Roth since 2015.  Before that, he was investing in tax liens and buying and selling gold and silver.  Austin's strengths are his communication skills and entrepreneurship.  Customers find him to be energetic and knowledgeable.  His sales presentations are always well prepared, and he can answer any question.  His clients and coworkers alike find Austin to be honest and ethical.  When you combine these traits with his natural enthusiasm, you have an investment advisor that Friedman-Roth is glad to have on board.  His ability to adapt to changing environments is a major asset, as well.

He first started working in commercial real estate.  His interest was such that he attended the Institute of Commercial Real Estate, where he learned different aspects of investing in real estate.  He also learned different strategies for maximizing profit and reducing risk.

Austin graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Business Administration.  He is a New York native and specializes in properties throughout the five boroughs.